Bernero Still Trying to Jam $380 Million Red Cedar “Complicated Matter” Before His Term Ends

For Immediate Release: May 17, 2017

Contact: TJ Bucholz, 517.657.3944

Years have passed, yet the infamous Bernero and Ferguson duo won’t let go of their absurd development dreams. This morning, the Lansing State Journal reported that “Developers of a proposed $380 million project called Red Cedar Renaissance are still working on a plan to finance what’s been a complicated matter with public land that sits on a flood plain.”

No Secret Lansing Deals, a group comprised of concerned citizens and business owners, is committed to eliminating the culture of cronyism and back-door deals that has infested Lansing during Bernero’s administration.

Unfortunately, the Red Cedar project is just another product of the mayor’s friendly relationship with wealthy developers like Joel Ferguson, at expense of everyday Lansing residents.

“The Red Cedar development is extremely complicated and puts an unnecessary amount of risk on the backs of Lansing taxpayers,” said TJ Bucholz, director of No Secret Lansing Deals. “It isn’t worth the $380 million cost just so Bernero can help out a friend.”

The Red Cedar project has been riddled with issues since Ferguson began to seek public funding in the form of bonds from Ingham County taxpayers more than a year ago. He was not successful because of the complications with developing the project and uncertainty about its financial feasibility.

It’s time to for Ferguson and Bernero to let go and move on. The city needs leaders focused on the problems Lansing is facing now, not failed developments of the past.

“The fact that that the city revealed its $675 million crisis with unfunded liabilities and Bernero still wants to spend tax dollars on a pet project is ridiculous,” said Bucholz. “City leaders should be dealing with that disaster and invest into crumbling roads and infrastructure instead of wasting public funds on failed projects.”


t’s time for a change. It’s time for the Angry Mayor to finally release his grip on the City of Lansing and let the people choose a leader that always puts the taxpayer first.

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