Lansing Deserves More Than a Pinky Swear

For Immediate Release: April 4, 2017

Contact: TJ Bucholz, 517.657.3944

The city is looking at another budget surplus for the fourth year in a row and lame duck Bernero thinks he can still make critical fiscal decisions by misusing the city budget at his whim.

The mayor’s spending agenda reveals major planned expenditures that will affect Lansing well beyond his term as mayor. Judging by his past performances, the citizens of Lansing are not really interested in seeing their tax dollars wasted on crooked payouts and ridiculous backdoor deals again.

Basically, he thinks he can ask the citizens of Lansing to trust him off the strength of a pinky swear.

“Mayor Pinky Swear has shown time and time again that he answers first to his friends and not the taxpayers of Lansing,” said TJ Bucholz, director of No Secret Lansing Deals, a coalition of small business owners and citizens tired of the repeated nonsense that come out of city hall. “He has done little to actually earn the trust of his constituents so he should not be gambling hard earned taxpayer money to deepen the pockets of his colleagues.”

No Secret Lansing Deals is urging Mayor Bernero to keep spending to a minimum until newly elected officials to the Mayor’s Office and the City Council can make budget decisions in the best interest in the people who elect them to office.

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