No Secret Lansing Deals To Mayor Bernero: Hands Off City Budget, Leave Spending Decisions To Success

For Immediate Release: March 24, 2017

Contact: TJ Bucholz, 517.657.3944

(Lansing, Mich.) – Lansing citizens deserve the opportunity to best decide how their tax dollars are prioritized by selecting a new Mayor and City Council who can be accountable for budget decisions, not planned out of control spending by a lame duck Virgil Bernero, officials said today.

Mayor Bernero, who announced February 27 he would not seek a third mayoral term, should not make decisions in his final months in office that could have ramifications for Lansing’s city budget for decades. In his State of the City address earlier this month, Bernero outlined a litany of projects he intends to pay for with the city’s budget surplus, apparently a fund he considers his own personal spending account.

“Mayor Bernero has made it clear that he is determined to use his last months in office to go on a dangerous spending spree and blow the city’s budget at the taxpayers’ expense,” said TJ Bucholz, director of No Secret Lansing Deals, a coalition of small business owners and citizens tired of the shenanigans flowing out of City Hall. “As a lame duck, Mayor Bernero must hit the pause on all unnecessary spending and stop using tax dollars to make backdoor deals and fund sweetheart payouts to his friends.”

No Secret Lansing Deals is becoming increasingly concerned that the Mayor’s announced spending agenda will reward friends and contributors as he exits office at the end of 2017.

“The residents of Lansing deserve to have a voice in deciding where their hard earned tax dollars should go, and they don’t want to foot the bill for Mayor Bernero’s senseless spending on projects that only stand to benefit his buddies,” Bucholz said. “The budget surplus is not a Bernero slush fund – it needs to align with citizen priorities, such as better roads, improved infrastructure, increased transparency, and square deals.”

No Secret Lansing Deals is urging Mayor Bernero to keep spending to a minimum until newly elected officials to the Mayor’s Office and the City Council can make budget decisions in the best interest in the people who elect them to office.

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