No Secret Lansing Deals: Lansing Mayor Pledges To Bust Lansing’s Budget On Backs Of Taxpayers In Las

Last night, Mayor Virgil Bernero gave his final state of the city address where he pledged to bust Lansing’s budget wide open on the backs of taxpayers.

“Like the end of a Wheel of Fortune episode, Mayor Bernero seems to want to go on a reckless spending spree with our tax dollars until nothing is left,” said TJ Bucholz, director of No Secret Lansing Deals, a coalition of small business owners and citizens tired of the shenanigans flowing out of City Hall.

Bucholz said over the span of the Mayor’s speech, Bernero announced plans to build a new city hall, have the city invest tens of millions of dollars into the irresponsible Red Cedar project, which would subsidize wealthy developer Joel Ferguson, work to impose a new regional sales tax on citizens, all while fully funding all roads and unfunded liabilities.

“Mayor Bernero seems intent to bust the Lansing City budget wide open as he waltzes out the door, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for his boondoggles,” Bucholz said. “With all of the reckless spending he has planned this year, perhaps Mayor Bernero also has a plan to build a factory somewhere in the city of Lansing that produces fairy dust.”

No Secret Lansing Deals is urging Mayor Bernero to stop using his last months in office to reward donors who funded his campaign efforts through his tenure.

“There is no need to destroy Lansing’s budget in a last ditch effort to spend down surpluses and reward his friends and allies,” Bucholz said. “We urge Mayor Bernero to act responsibly and spend taxpayer money more wisely and end the special interest deals.”

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