Mayor Bernero Must Explain Vanishing Documents

No Secret Lansing Deals – a coalition of Lansing citizens and small business owners – demands transparency from Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero and wants his administration to finally explain the truth behind the $160,663 payout to former City Attorney Janene McIntyre.

Following a 2016 ambiguous council committee meeting, Lansing City Attorney Jim Smiertka stated that the payout of McIntyre was “for release of the claim” regarding employment related issues. McIntyre’s payout was allegedly motivated by a legal claim she made against the city but no claim can be confirmed, according to investigative work conducted by the Lansing City Pulse this week.

The statement from the city’s lawyer contradicts public statements made by Bernero, who indicated to WILS Radio late last year that the payout was simply for a “job well done.”

So which is it? Documents would help shed light on this issue, but those items are missing in action at City Hall. The Office of the City Attorney, along with Bernero’s administration, has been unable to locate these documents related to such a claim. The repeated vanishing documents and complete lack of transparency from this case should sound the alarm for voters that our future is at-risk.

“It’s time for Mayor Virgil Bernero to come clean about what happened to these documents, once and for all. As the leader of Lansing government, it should be our Mayor’s responsibility to be transparent with citizens. We demand to know what’s going on in City Hall,” said TJ Bucholz, Director of No Secret Lansing Deals. “The fact that Bernero seems to have something to hide regarding a possible scandal in our local government undermines his credibility with voters. The city needs to prove that no controversy existed in this payout, rather than just asking that we trust their word.”

No Secret Lansing Deals stands up for the citizens of Lansing. They deserve to know what goes on behind closed doors.

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